Colorado Springs

I love anything involving nature, lingerie, sex (duh,) body mods and tattoos, ♡beards♡, adventure, video games...whatever I like; I blog. :]

I post a lot of pictures of myself because I'm confident and I have a gallery on my body. This does not mean that I'm looking ,or want someone, in between my legs. I'm happily unavailable :]



Just have to rant for a second…I’m usually not an open person when it comes to how I feel about another human being and I think it’s because if they don’t reciprocate I’ll be hurt and crushed so as long as I don’t admit my feelings I can’t get hurt right? Well I was dating someone for only 6 months and we ended things on really bad terms because of some drama and miscommunication. We stopped talking end of March and since then, I’ve had sex with other people that felt empty and was mostly just sad, I’ve dated which made feel even worse coz as much as I liked the guys for their personality and because they were attractive, I wasn’t attracted to them…there was something missing. Well in June I decided that I needed closure because I could not stop thinking about him and missing our near to perfect relationship. We talked and (finding out now it was mostly for him to have control and some kind of power over me) he told me he will never trust me again and I will never be in his life. We laughed and when I was getting ready to say goodbye to him forever, he hugged me, I cried…a lot, I pulled away and he wiped away a tear. One month and one week later I decided to call him and tell him that I can’t be without him, asked him if I could come over, he agreed. It was one of the most clear and amazing nights. The way he looks at me makes me feel like I’m the only person that matters, genuinely, and the way he touches me makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive. He kisses me like our lips were never meant to part and he holds me like he never wants me to go. I have had relationships where I think “maybe we could be together forever in a few years but I don’t know if I trust him…blah blah blah.” Even though we broke our trust (none of us cheated, it was just drama) I KNOW that I want to be with him forever. I don’t know that I’m ready to tell him or even admit that I love him but I probably do. He challenges me, he shares his passion with me, he makes me want to be a better person, he’s interested in what I say, he’s always been brutally honest with me, he knows exactly what I want, when to give it to me, and when I’m upset. He’s everything and more that I want and need and I’ve never felt the same about anyone. It’s the easiest and best relationship I’ve had. It’s not going to be the same but it feels the same as it used to. If things work out as planned, I’ll marry him. I remember, and will never forget, that on our first date, he told me “I’m SO lucky I found you.” He hugged me, gave me a kiss, and laid on me. I am so happy and so scared…..and so stupid lol. He’s my future, everything else just fills in time and makes me even more happy than I already am. As long as I am in his life and he’s in mine. Rant done.