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"In a world filled with disconnect, where most of us choose to get lost in our phones rather than interact with anyone that we don’t know, the idea of kissing a stranger sounds preposterous. A group led by Tatia Pilieva decided to challenge this by asking 20 strangers to kiss one another for the first time on camera. The results are a perfect mix of awkward and adorable that is more than worth checking out…

…I wanted to point out…the incredible transition that takes place between each pairing. In all 10 matches the initial experience can definitely be best defined as nervous and awkward, while the post-kiss experience is connected and embarrassed. Through one simple action, so many boundaries are quickly removed and these two people are now able to share a closeness that they would have previously never thought possible. This for me is the openness and connection that we can all share with one another even without getting to kiss.”